I feel all right. But could I be ill?

How the virus develops: symptoms and possible signs

HIV progresses slowly and imperceptibly

One of the dangers of HIV infection is that it can have no symptoms for many years. During that time, a person can be actively transmitting the virus without even suspecting that he or she is infected.
6–8 years
HIV develops without symptoms
2-3 years
first noticeable symptoms
If you are infected, for a major period of time it is likely that you will not notice the virus’s presence
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Luckily, this is happening less and less frequently. Thanks to the use of antiretroviral therapy at an early stage, HIV doesn’t progress and AIDS doesn’t develop.

An HIV-positive person differs from you in no perceptible form

People who are HIV-positive cannot be identified by any external signs.

You can’t diagnose an HIV infection by monitoring their symptoms either, particularly at an early stage.You can, however, take a test in order to be certain and to remove any concerns or doubts.